The draw for the 2nd round of the Ivor Thomas Shield is as follows;

Wallisdown Liberal V Owls Nest A

Shoulder of Mutton C V Bluebirds Social

West Moors X V Rising Sun Tigers

Cranborne V Green Man B

Blandford Darts R Us V Verwood Sports Club

Stocks B V Rising Sun Bears

Horns B V Bearwood

Paddocks V CMRBL A

Cobham B V FRBL A

CSSC B V Hamworthy Club

West Moors B V Dorset Soldier A

Shoulder of Mutton B V St Ives Shooter

St Ives Warriors V St Ives A

Witchampton D V BYE

Pure Drop V Witchampton C

Parkstone TLC V Green Man C

The games will be played on Monday 22nd November.

All six single games are to be drawn out at a time agreed by both captains but before the singles part of the match.

6 singles, best of 3 legs of 501. All worth 1 point, names to be drawn out.

3 pairs, 1 leg of 701. All worth 2 points, names to be drawn out.

Gallon, 1 leg of 1001. Worth 3 points, 6 players.