Ivor Thomas 1st Round Draw

Witchampton B              v            Green Man B

CSSC A                            v            Witchampton D

Rising Sun Zephyrs        v            Wallisdown Liberal

Pure Drop                        v            Shoulder of Mutton D

Stocks B                          v            Cobham A

White Hart                      v            Shoulder of Mutton C

West Moors X                 v            FRBL B

Bluebirds Social             v            CSSC C

Green Man A                  v            Rising Sun Tigers

Dorset Soldier B             v            Cranborne

All matches to be played on the 20th September 2021.

Any team not mentioned has a bye.

PLEASE NOTE: Format for the Ivor Thomas

All six singles games are to be drawn out at a time agreed by the two captains but before the start of the singles part of the match.

6 Singles best of 3 legs of 501. All worth 1 point. Names to be drawn out.

3 Pairs. 1 leg of 701. All worth 2 points. Names to be drawn out.

A Gallon 1001 of 6 players not drawn at the end worth 3 points.

Please make a note of this because it will not be written on the card.

Please post results cards in the FB Group, or by email from the site or to the address on the card.