Mens singles champion A-B Sections - Spencer Chapman

Mens singles champion A-B Sections – Spencer Chapman

What a fantastic night of darts. Was it a record breaking display from the Wimborne league’s finest?

With Scott Mitchell ,Eddie White and unfortunately our title holder, Ricky Forward unable to attend, there was a buzz of anticipation as many players sensed an opportunity to make their mark on the competition.

As we reached the quarter finals, it was clear that the standard was very high this year.

By the end of the tournament, a total of 16 180s had been amassed, with S Earley getting 6 and Tom Moors hitting 4 of them……and yet, Spencer Chapman came through in a very hard fought final 3-0 against Tom Moors.

Thanks to everyone for attending and setting such a high standard of darts for the league, the Legion for allowing us to use their great venue and special thanks as always to Graeme and Angie James.