Ivor Thomas 3rd Round Draw

3rd Round Draw to be played 14th March 2022

Stocks B                           v            Blandford Darts R Us

West Moors X                  v            Witchampton D

St Ives A                           v            Bearwood

 FRBL A                            v            Cranborne

St Ives Shooters               v            Paddocks

CSSC B                             v            Shoulder of Mutton C

West Moors B                 v            Pure Drop

Wallisdown Liberal          v            PTL Club


Singles = 1 point for a win           best of 3 legs @ 501

Pairs = 2 points for a win             one leg @ 701

Gallon = 3 points for the win       one leg @ 1001

Names to be drawn for the singles and pairs

Good luck!