The proposals put forward ahead of the 2018-19 season to be discussed at the AGM 2018 are as follows:

Suggested Rule Amendments

Proposal 1

Change to B Section Singles Matches

Proposer – Wimborne Royal British Legion (Richard Day)

Summary detail

Proposal to amend Rule 4.6 to change the format of league singles matches from “Best of 3” to “Best of 5”. This proposal is to bring the B Section into line with the A Section so that promoted teams are ready to compete in the longer format of the singles games.

Full detail submitted

I would like to propose that, from the 2018/19 season onwards, the B-Section is also best of 5 legs (501) in the League Match Singles, as per the A-Section.

The Ronald F Sprague Challenge Cup (Men Singles for A & B Section only). This Cup format is already best of 5 legs (501) and therefore B-Section players are currently expected to play and compete in a format they do not play in league matches – some might say this gives A-Section players an unnecessary advantage, so the proposed change would rectify this by making the formats consistent and fair.

We come out to play competitive darts, so playing best of 5 (501) Singles will equate to players having more time on the actual oche throwing darts. I think it’s also fair to say the more you play the more you improve, especially when its ‘match experience’ time you’re getting.
Playing best of 5 legs (501) Singles would help a Teams (or individual players) transition from the B-Section into the A-Section, when/if promoted.

Potential late nights for those singles matches where both players are having ‘double trouble’… However, people in venues for longer surely means more spent behind the bar and therefore this is a positive from a venue point of view if nothing else!

I appreciate I’m only making this proposal as our team (Wimborne RBL) will be in the B-Section next Winter, after finishing ‘rock-bottom’ of the A-Section – we only got half the amount of points compared to the team above us in 8th. However, I do feel my points raised above are valid and would have a positive impact on the whole of the B-Section teams and players (hopefully!)… but I guess a vote will decide.

NOTE ON VOTING (ONE VOTE PER TEAM) – As this rule change only affects B Section, the vote will only be open to those in B Section during the current season.

Proposal 2

Change to Knockout Cup Final Leg

Proposer – West Moors B (Mark Smith)

Summary detail

Proposal to change the rules for the final leg in knockout cup finals to ensure it is fair the way the finals progress on the night.

Full detail submitted

Can I propose a rule change for finals of cups when held at a neutral venue.

At present the team drawn first are designated as home team (when they are not) hence throw first in 2/4/6/8/ legs and the (away team) in 1/3/5/7/9. Which gives an unfair advantage to the “away” team.

I propose that if in the event of it going to 9th leg that the players throw up for the bull to decide who throws first.

NOTE ON VOTING (ONE VOTE PER TEAM) – This rule change affects any teams who make a final, therefore the vote will be open to all leagues.

Proposal 3

Change to Mileage radius for teams

Proposer – Committee submission

Summary detail

To review the mileage radius for new and current teams. Currently set at 5 miles from Wimborne, it has been used as a guide rather than a set in stone over the years, but we feel it should be reviewed to avoid further confusion.

The rule also only deals with new teams not existing team.

Full detail

Rule 3.2 states – “All new teams must be within a five mile radius of Wimborne.”

Having recently allowed in Cranborne and moves for Sheaf of Arrow (from Horton to Cranborne) as well as more recently DRUS (from Wimborne to Blandford), plus it could be argued St Ives is just outside the five miles, it seems right to ammend the mileage, but to also put in a provision to cater for outside that mileage.

See maps below of the radius mapped at 5 miles and 10 miles from the centre of Wimborne Minster (postcode BH21 1PR)

We propose change to state a “10 mile radius from the centre of Wimborne” based on the attached map.

Proposed wording

“All teams (new or current) must play matches from a venue within a 10 mile radius of Wimborne. Any teams outside of this radius will be considered on a case by case basis.”

“There is no set maximum number of teams allowed entry to the league, but the committee reserves the right to set a manageable number of teams in the league each year, based on entry. In the event of too many entrants to the league, preference will be given to those current teams (wherever they play) and new applications within the 5 mile radius first, followed by those in the 10 mile radius next.”

NOTE ON VOTING (ONE VOTE PER TEAM) – This rule change affects all leagues, therefore the vote will be open to all leagues.

Radius for teams in Wimborne Darts League

Voting Rules

All proposals were to be voted on at the AGM/Prize-giving on Monday 14th May 2018 – 7:30 for 8pm start. It is one vote per team per proposal.