The AGM and prize giving was be this year, on Monday 14th May 2018 – 7:30 for 8pm at Wimborne Royal British Legion.

Outcome of Submitted Proposals

The committee has received 2 proposals and had felt obliged to raise one as the committee to clarify the mileage radius for teams in the league and joining the league. These are the outcomes of the proposals

  1. Change to B Section Singles Matches – Rejected
  2. Change to Knockout Cup Final Leg – Accepted
  3. Change to Mileage radius for teams – Accepted

All teams will be sent a new full copy of the rules and they are also available on the website Rulebook page.

Outcome of Proposal 1

No change to rules

Outcome of Proposal 2

No current rule to cover this situation.

Addition to the start of Rule 7 will read as – GENERAL RULE FOR ALL KNOCKOUT FINALS
In the event of a knockout cup final going to the last leg, the last game players to throw at the bull to decide the advantage for the last leg. Nearest the bull chooses if they wish to throw first or second in the last leg.

Outcome of Proposal 3

Rule 3.2 stated – “All new teams must be within a five mile radius of Wimborne.”

New rule 3.2 will read as – All new and existing teams should make every effort to play within a reasonable travel distance of the centre of Wimborne Minster (BH21 1PR – postcode of Wimborne Royal British Legion is taken as the centre).

It is preferable that teams should play within 5 miles of the centre, but each request outside of this range will be taken on it’s merits with the over-riding aim of improving the Wimborne Minster Monday Night Darts League.

Original Proposals