Knockouts 2015-16

Congratulation to all the winners and big thanks to everyone who has taken part in any (or all) of the competitions, we have had some superb turnouts and spectacular darts.

Sid Stickley – Winners: Final not contested

Vincent Trophy – Winners: True Lovers Knot

Horizon Shield – Winners: Cranborne Club

Ivor Thomas Trophy – Winners: West Moors X

Mens Singles A and B Sections – Winner: Dennis Crane (Colehill DRUS)

Mens Singles C,D and E Sections – Winner: Declan Harris (Cranborne Club)

Womens Singles – Winner: Michelle Thompson (West Moors A)

Ron Smith Pairs – Winner: Spencer Chapman/Marcus Moriatis (West Moors B)

3s Tournament – Winner: Colehill DRUS B

Hot Shots – The top scorers and finishers in all leagues