The proposals put forward ahead of the 2015-16 season were discussed at the AGM 2015. The outcomes were as follows:

Suggested Rule Amendments

1 – Shoulder of Mutton (Viv Vernon) – REJECTED

Change back to “tactical” singles rather than names drawn out of the hat in league games.

2 – Mark Bright (Owls Nest A) – REJECTED

A compromise to the current drawn singles v named singles. Each captain, unseen, writes his running order down and then once revealed enters them on to the card as in the Ryder cup. This avoids best player v worst scenario, but leaves the captains with some captaincy decision

3 – Leon Wentworth (Green Man B) – REJECTED, PROPOSER NOT PRESENT

I propose a change to the points system. Green Man B, amongst others, are below two teams who have won less and lost more, this seems wrong to me. My idea is simple, follow the football points. ie 3 for a win and 1 for a draw, with points difference counting in the event of a tie within the league table, or points \’for\’ counting. for example, Team A finish P16 W8 D3 L5 For 75 Against 85 would finish above Team B P16 W8 D3 L5 For 73 Against 87. This would ensure every point counts, but would also mean you are rewarded for winning over points scored, making the table a little more fair.

4 – Chris Atkins (Green Man B) – REJECTED, PROPOSER NOT PRESENT

Replace the gallon (6 players)  with 2 x 3somes of 701. This would mean instead of the current 10 points available, there would be 11 points, so no draws and guaranteed results. Players also get to throw more often.

5 – Sharon Higgins (Shoulder of Mutton E) – CARRIED, RULE IN PLACE FOR UPCOMING SEASON

I would like to propose that the Sid Stickley Cup is played over 5 legs for the singles and not 3. We play 5 legs in league games so why not 5 legs in a Cup match that is specific for the A section. The pairs should remain at 3 legs.

Voting Rules

All proposals were to be voted on at the AGM/Prize-giving on Sunday 5 July 2015 – 7:30 for 8pm start. It is one vote per team per proposal.